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Angela Boykins

"Coming from trauma/depression, I didn't trust people. I let people get close just enough, then I would lie to make them stay away or just ignore them because I felt like If I talked that I was a burden, so I kept all my depression and trauma in or I would lash out. Being with Solid Foundations is a blessing, I learned it was okay to open the thought to stop the negativity and it feels great not to be judged or frowned upon."

Tabatha Casey

"Solid Foundations is a great resource for Rutherford County. There is no judgement. They are very informative and are passionate about helping others. As someone who has struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues. I am grateful for the help and support they offer me as well as to others in our community."

Cassandra B. Matheny

"I would like to say, coming from nothing to growing into a blooming flower is the experiences of my daily life - going from drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, domestic violence, to living in the streets, to gaining employment, savings account, and being surrounded by new family members in my recovery thanks to Solid Foundations and (Unreleased Shelter)."


"I've been coming to Solid Foundations with my family for over two years for individual care. All the therapists we have interacted with have been very caring, understanding, and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility!" 

James Tilley

"I see Solid Foundations as highly beneficial to the men here at (Unreleased Shelter) and myself. These groups help break barriers in peoples lives and help to reach new levels in recovery! We are thankful for all you do and all the time you spend here at (Unreleased Shelter)."

Jose M.

"Solid Foundations has benefited me in my recovery and helped me create a relapse plan and learn more about addiction."

Allie Jarrard

“Before Solid Foundations, I was overcome with my anxiety and bipolar tendencies. Instead of being the recluse I usually was, I found a group that supported and helped me through it. They kept me accountable but gave grace when it was due. I owe so much to Solid Foundations and Stacy!"
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